Vehicle tracking and management: GPS is used to track vehicles in waste management and recycling. This allows companies to know the location of their vehicles in real-time, optimize routes, and ensure that vehicles are used efficiently.

Open AreaSeals & geoGRIM

The use of AreaSeals as an open standard can significantly improve vehicle tracking and management solutions in the field of waste management and recycling, providing added value over the traditional state of the art.

AreaSeals provide an extremely precise method for georeferencing locations. Compared to conventional GPS coordinates, which are often only accurate to a few meters, AreaSeals can be broken down into much smaller geographical units. This allows for more accurate and detailed vehicle location tracking.

Precise location tracking allows businesses to get real-time data about the location of their vehicles. This makes it possible to optimize routes in real time to find the shortest route to destinations. This means less driving time, less fuel consumption and lower operating costs.

AreaSeals can help improve fleet management by providing detailed information about each vehicle's status and activities. Companies can manage vehicles to ensure they are used efficiently. This can streamline maintenance scheduling and task assignment.

Another advantage of AreaSeals is the ability to create a comprehensive data history. This means that companies can not only know the current location of their vehicles, but also access historical data. This is useful for analyzing trends, improving efficiency over time, and for reporting purposes.

AreaSeals can be used to create virtual geofencing spaces. Businesses can be notified when vehicles enter or leave certain areas, which is extremely useful for managing collection or delivery areas.

The integration of AreaSeals into the GRIM data model ensures that the georeferenced data is stored in databases in a structured and effective manner. This allows for smooth integration with other enterprise applications and processes.

In summary, as an open standard for vehicle tracking and management, AreaSeals provide a more accurate, efficient and data-driven approach to waste management and recycling solutions. Businesses can benefit from real-time information to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and promote more sustainable waste management and recycling practices.

TGB's Tools & Services

The Green Bridge’s (TGB) tools and services, in particular the geoGRIM kernel and the smart-MANAGER, can provide significant added value over traditional solutions in this use case of vehicle tracking and management in the field of waste management and recycling.

The geoGRIM kernel can collect GPS data from vehicles in real-time and convert it into AreaSeals. This not only gives you the exact location of your vehicles, but also gives you a continuous and accurate record of their movements. Compared to traditional GPS tracking systems, this offers the advantage of a granular data structure that can be used for a variety of analyses and optimizations.

The smart-MANAGER can use the converted GPS data and AreaSeals to optimize routes in real time. This means that you can identify the most efficient ways for your vehicles to pick up waste or collect recycling materials. This optimization can save time and fuel, thus reducing operating costs.

By combining geoGRIM and smart-MANAGER, you can ensure that your vehicles are used efficiently. You can monitor the status and activities of each vehicle and ensure that they are assigned to the right tasks in real-time. This allows you to react quickly to changes and optimize the use of resources.

The smart-MANAGER can automatically convert addresses into AreaSeal GRIDs and provide geofencing functions. This allows you to set specific areas or zones and ensure that your vehicles only operate in authorized areas. It can also help improve safety and compliance.

Both services, geoGRIM and smart-MANAGER, offer comprehensive data analysis and reporting capabilities. You can generate detailed reports on the operation of your vehicles, monitor vehicle performance, and analyze historical data. This can help you identify trends and make informed decisions.

Both geoGRIM and smart-MANAGER can be adapted to the specific requirements of waste management and recycling. This includes the ability to capture industry-specific attributes and metadata, create custom workflows, and develop special visualizations for waste streams.

Overall, TGB’s tools and services, in conjunction with geoGRIM and smart-MANAGER, offer the opportunity to take vehicle tracking and management in waste management and recycling to a new level. By integrating granular geospatial data and powerful analytics, companies can increase efficiency and reduce costs while operating in a greener way. 

This approach offers a clear advantage over traditional GPS tracking systems and management solutions.